Can you still buy temporary motorcycle insurance?

Unfortunately the Dayinsure temporary motorcycle policy is no longer available since their underwriters, Chaucer and Catlin, decided not to continue writing this type of business so the product was withdrawn at the end of April 2012. The company are still hoping to find replacement underwriters and we will feature the policies again, if and when they are available.

In the meanwhile the only short-term insurance that we can find for motorcycles in the UK is the monthly pay as you go policy issued by eBike Insurance. This is virtually identical to their normal yearly policy; however the contract term is monthly rather than yearly (with a maximum of eight months), which means that at the end of each month you have the option of either cancelling the policy or allowing it to be automatically renewed. If you do cancel there are no penalties. There is a major drawback to this however, in that the premium per month is higher than it would be, had you bought a full years policy. It may, therefore, be cost-effective to buy a month-to-month policy if you only want to ride the bike for a few months only, but for a longer term you may find an annual policy to be actually cheaper. Whilst you are getting a quote for a monthly policy you may, therefore, wish to get another quote for a full year at the same time.

Ebike Applications can only be accepted from riders with full motorcycle licences issued within the UK or EEC, and the person to be insured must actually own the bike, so you cannot use either a month-to-month or annual policy from Ebike to ride a bike belonging to someone else.

Ecar are not, of course, by any means the only source of motorbike insurance and if you want to compare quotations from other providers, particularly if you are a learner driver and cannot therefore get cover from Ebike, you may wish to compare competitive annual quotes by using the Quotezone motorcycle price comparison site.

Quotezone are not only fully regulated and authorised by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) but they are completely independent unlike most of the major price comparison companies which are owned, partly owned or substantially financed by insurers and so may not be completely impartial. Then again, perhaps I am too much of a cynic.

You may also wish to get quotes from specialist brokers such as Bennetts and Swinton, too.

 Please remember that all these companies, apar from Ebike, can only get quotes for yearly, not temporary, motorcycle insurance policies.


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